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Customising Your Watch Order

(May 22, 2022)
Attention: USA and Canada Customers
The Omicron virus has created a really bad situation since Dec 31, 2021. Our government stopped all regular postal services from Hong Kong to the United States and Canada. We checked with other couriers and the cheapest we can find is the Vantage Courier charge USD16 for a small package of parts to the United States and USD35 to Canada by EMS. Please contact us before you order any parts, we can send you a paypal invoice for the proper shipping charges. Thank You!

Due to the covid-19 situation, Hong Kong Post Office stop Airmail services to certain countries e.g. Italy, New Zealand, Africa and South American countries...etc, please email us to quote for shipping cost if you are willing to pay more using SF Express courier.

Paypal just changed their policy. If you need to order more than one item, please send us a email and let us know what you want. We can send you a paypal invoice for all your items and charge you a single shipping cost. From now on, We will take away 5% of refund amount (actually Paypal took it!) If you are not sure what you like, please ask us before you order. Once you ordered and decided to change your mind to get a refund, 5% will be deducted from the amount you paid.


55130P Sale

New Release!

55080PV8 Watches 55080SV8 Watches
55080PV8 Watch (Super Dome Plexi)
55080SV8 Watch (Super Dome Sapphire Crystal)
10190S Watches TC-Tourbillon Watches
10190S Watch
Tourbillon Watch
55130PV2 55130SV2
55130PV2 Watch (Super Dome Plexi)
55130SV2 Watch (Super Dome Sapphire Crystal)
16550CV2 Watches Axe Watch
16550CV2 GMT Watch
Axe Gangster Watch

Currently Available!

10160P Watches Datebest Watches
10160P Watch
Datebest Watch
62630 Watches 5508V6 Watches
62630 Chronograph Watch
55080SV8 Watch (Sapphire Crystal)
two-tone Watch 5508V6 Applied Index Watches
Vintage Lume 5508V6 (Tu-Tone) Watch
55080PV8 Watch (Super Dome Plexi) with Applied Index Dial
55080PV8 GMT Style Watches 5508 Watches
55080PV8 GMT Watch (Super Dome Plexi)
5508V5 IP Gold and Black Watch
Seamonster Watches Date Day Watch
55080PV8 Seamonster Watch (Super Dome Plexi)
Date Day Watch


5508-green 5513-blue
5508 16800 Bezel Insert
5513V2 Bezel Insert
AI-gold snow-flake-blue
29mm Dial
28mm Dial
7924y 1680y
29mm Yellowish Lume Dial
28mm Yellowish Lume Dial
Watch-DIY Hands
Case/Case+Bracelet for projects
Hands Set
Parts Hands
Parts, Crown and Bracelet
B Grade Watch Case
rivet-bracelet-v4 rivet-bracelet
Vintage Style Bracelet V4
Modern Style Bracelet V2

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